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Many Names for One Place

Read an interview with writer and artist, Shin Yu Pai, by Crowd the Book's Christopher Luna.

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Download an Excerpt from Equivalence

Download an excerpt from Shin Yu's previous collection, Equivalence.

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10 Questions With Shin Yu Pai

Read Shin Yu's answers to Crowd the Book's 10 Questions With series.

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Read a Sample Poem: Gleaners

her partner regards her / attempts at harvesting / as one step closer to / diving into dumpsters / for second-hand / sustenance, the apples / my friend rescues / from the city sidewalk / where her neighbor’s / crop goes ungathered / are lumpy & rough / not worth a cent / by any market / standard, even in / another land, / fodder offered / up to pigs / & dogs; / this offering / she yields: / to pare away the rind / to such crisp / sweetening / beneath